What do I do with all my power cords?

A North Carolina home automation company can help you choose the best components for your brand new home theater system so you can watch movies and television shows at high picture quality and sound settings.

However, it can’t help you deal with all the cords that come with those components. And as any technophile knows, keeping numerous power cords neat and tidy is one of the most obnoxious aspects of owning the latest and greatest technology. Not only do they threaten to trip anyone who walks by, but they also make your otherwise clean living room look like it’s undergoing constant electrical work.

Wired staff writer Roberto Baldwin recently offered a few tips for home theater owners who need to get their cords under control.

“[E]very cable has a natural coil,” he wrote. “Try to fight that coil and bad things will happen: the cable eventually twists on the inside, and when you needed it the most, the cable will fail. Because cables always fail when you need them the most.”

In other words, cords are not ropes. If you try to wrap one around your arm or your wrist, you will soon find that the cord devolves into a mess of knots.

Instead, try coiling it in such a way that works with the material’s natural curve. Then, when you have a stable coil, connect a few zip ties to either end to make sure everything stays in place.

You’ll be surprised how much neater your system will look when your cords are properly wrapped.