Top 4 Reasons to Install a Smart Home Automation System

Top 4 Reasons to Install a Smart Home Automation System –  Electronic House Staff

Here are four of the best reasons to get started in smart home automation now.

The smart home and home automation market is rapidly expanding. Every week more products and features are becoming available, and the attractive prices make this the perfect time to check out smart home products for your family.

Stay connected to your family. As a parent, one of the things I like most about home automation systems is that they allow me to easily know the status of my family’s comings and goings. With the right sensors and alerts, your smart home can let you known when your children have arrived home from school, when they’ve gone out and whether they turned the lights off and locked the door when they left. If you include web-connected security cameras in your system, you can even see who’s in the house when you’re away.

 Stay connected to your home. Just because you’re not in your home doesn’t mean you can’t monitor it. Water leak sensors, door and window sensors, motion detectors, smoke alarms and more can all be configured to send important alerts to your smartphone. Lighting and heating/air-conditioning systems can also be operated remotely with a home automation system. Don’t return from vacation to a house that’s too hot or too cold. Just open up the app for your smart thermostat and adjust the temperature before you even pull into your street.

 Save energy. We waste a lot of energy, and money, every day because we don’t take the time to make small but important adjustments to our homes, such as turning off lights, opening and lowering shades and adjusting our thermostats. All those tasks can be automated so they happen without you ever needing to think about it.

 Manage your life instead of your devices. Does it sometimes seem like your electronics are more in charge of you than you are of them? Does it take 10 steps to simply settle into your chair to enjoy music and a book? Your home automation system can be programmed with lifestyle scenes that automatically adjust all your systems (lights, temperature, entertainment, security) with one simple command so you can get on with your life.

Just a few years ago home automation systems were complicated and often limited to a small number of compatible products. Not anymore. A smart installer or creative DIY homeowner can make almost anything happen with a home automation system. Today’s solutions are reliable, easy to integrate into both new construction and existing homes, and they’re expandable as your needs grow.

To learn more about what a home automation system can do for you, contact us today for a free consultation.  Convergence Technologies has been providing home automation and smart home solutions to residents in the Carolina’s and across the US for over 10 years.  Whether from easy to use color touch panels, remotes, or customized keypads, your own phones and tablets, total control is always at your fingertips. An automation system from Convergence Technologies tech installers offers a lifestyle of comfort and convenience for your home and/or business.



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