Three Home Automation Ideas To Make Life Run Smoother

home_automationHow to make your home “Smart” with automation

The idea of a smart home has been a modernist fantasy for decades. Home automation is no longer a futurist daydream, with smart phones and computer programs, luxury homes of today can have every aspect controlled remotely for your convenience.

Climate Control From Anywhere

The ability to control the climate from any location is not only convenient; it is a great way to cut energy costs. Home automation means you can check the weather on your smart phone while still at work, see that it’s going to snow and then turn up the thermostat so you do not have to walk in to a freezing home. In the summer, instead of leaving the air on all day in order to be welcomed home by your favorite temp, you can simply program it to turn on an hour before you leave work, saving hundreds in energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. Going to be early or late to get home, simply over-ride your programs on your smart phone and home automation comes to the rescue again!

Being able to control your home’s climate from your phone upgrades your comfort level. Many automated thermostats are available today that link to apps on the phone, and some come with programs that analyze the energy costs and send you reports so you can save even more money on energy. Complete home automation systems are available when you build your custom home to even be able to control temperature room to room! Companies like Trane that offer thermostats that are fully automated and can be controlled remotely.

Security on the Go

A home security system can be viewed securely from your smart phone, computer, or a monitor stationed anywhere in the home. This means if the kids arrive home early, you can keep an eye on the front door or any other location you set up a security camera, all from your desk at work or other location. It also means that you do not have to get up from bed to see who’s there when someone rings the doorbell early in the morning or late at night.

If you are expecting company but are in the middle of preparing a meal you just can not step away from, you can unlock the door, and announce yourself to everyone with just a touch of a button on your phone after confirming that your guests have arrived on camera. Do you need to let a trusted cleaning, repair or delivery person in while you’re not there? No problem, simply remotely unlock a front, garage, or secondary door and then you can even watch and communicate with them if needed. Companies like Schlage, that have been making locks for decades, have moved expertly into the home automation security market with their connected series of lock sets.

Have Dinner Waiting After a Long Day

Luxury homeowners today can have dinner waiting with less effort through home automation. Instead of defrosting a roast on the counter, you can put the frozen meat straight into a pan with seasonings and potatoes. Throughout the day while you work it will defrost, and an hour before you come home it can automatically start cooking so you will be greeted by the aromas of a home cooked meal even after a full work day or being gone. There are many appliances manufacturers like Wolf and Subzero that offer ovens and appliances that are home automation compatible. GE has a line of appliances that can be controlled remotely as well through its automation system.

lightingHome automation is no longer a fantasy, it is reachable and the possibilities are endless. There are systems of full home automation available that cover nearly everything as you build your new custom home. Or you can do a little at a time and cherry pick which options are better for you.

Companies like Convergence Technologies, offer solutions and simple to use interfaces that integrate your systems into one, controlling the Trane temperature systems, and Schlage lock and security systems, even your electrical outlets and water! When you are building your custom home, ask your local builder about integrating home automation technology, and make your life a little easier and secure.