The future of home automation lies in the garden

For many users, home automation means convenience. It’s a way for homes to handle tasks that we normally complete, like heating, lighting and security. Already, homeowners can set these actions to occur automatically, or control them remotely with a smartphone or tablet.

But, what if home automation could do more? What if it could give you that green thumb you’ve always wanted?

One company, Bitponics, is using home automation to revolutionize urban gardening. The Bitponic system—a “cloud-based hydroponic garden manager,” according to an article on the PSFK Labs blog—allows users to monitor and care for their plants, wherever they are.

It’s not just for watering flowers. Bitponics claims that its system will allow homeowners to keep entire gardens in their homes. Wi-Fi sensors in the soil transmit relevant data to a web-based dashboard, which users can access via any device that is connected to the Internet. Want to adjust temperature, moisture level or even soil pH? Just get out your smartphone.

And like many home automation systems, Bitponics allows users to set automatic schedules so they can leave the house for days at a time without worrying about the plants.

“A lot of people like plants and wish they could grow them,” Bitponics founder Amit Kumar told the news source. “But not a lot of people know how to care for them. We want to enable anyone to grow no matter what their skill set it.”

The future of home automation will involve systems that few have yet imagined. And it’s starting now. If you want to explore your options, try working with a North Carolina home automation company.