Tablet adoption will bolster home automation systems

Recent reports show that consumers are buying tablets at a rapid pace. This is good news for the complete home automation market.

According to a report by the Pew Internet Center, more than one-third of American adults own a tablet computer, compared to only 3 percent in 2010. The numbers are even higher for parents—the news source found that half of those with children in the home own a tablet.

The rapid adoption of popular devices like the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Google Nexus or the Kindle Fire is proceeding about as quickly as it did for smartphones, which, according to the MIT Technology Review, grew from “5 percent to 40 percent in about four years.” Both technologies are being adopted much faster than previous advances, as the article added that landline phones took 45 years to reach 50 percent of customers, while mobile phones took seven.

If the trend is any indication, the next several years will see a majority of adults become tablet owners.

Since many complete home automation systems can be operated by smartphone and tablet apps, the growth of these devices is likely to bolster that technology as well. And though not everyone will opt for the complete package, many suburban adults will appreciate the ability to adjust their heating and lighting systems remotely before returning home.

Homeowners who have recently purchase a tablet and want to know what it could do to their home should consult with a North Carolina home automation company to unlock the technology’s full potential.