Stewart Filmscreen


Stewart Filmscreen Corporation is a family-owned company that has been  producing the finest projection screens worldwide since the 1950s. With nearly 70 years of experience bringing optimal viewing experiences to residential and commercial locations alike, Stewart Filmscreen sets the standard for innovative film screen design and customer service.

We’re known for our creativity and the performance of our products, as our long list of recognition shows. Our company is even proud to have twice won Academy Awards, first in 1956 for our “HiTrans and ParaHiTrans Rear Projection Screens” for the film “The Ten Commandments” and again in 1964 for our “Seamless Translucent Blue Screen for Traveling Matte Color Cinematography” for the film “Fantastic Voyage.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a smaller screen for your home theater or a large-scale unit for use in a commercial project. We specialize in custom screen design, so the only limitations to your dream theater is your own imagination.

We are also proud to partner with leading North Carolina home automation company Convergence Technologies. Both companies understand that it’s simply not enough for a theater system to produce clear images and sounds. Through our partnership, we want your home or business to achieve full automation, and since the professional automation specialists at Convergence Technologies are familiar with Stewart Filmscreen technology and know the best way to incorporate it seamlessly into any commercial or home theater system, we are the solution providers you need.

Commercial applications

Stewart Filmscreen offers a number of solutions to businesses with large-scale needs. We offer fixed screens, retractable screens and roller systems, rigid rear projection systems, variable masking (dedicated/fixed and multimedia) and rear projection mirror systems, using the following materials.

Front Projection Screens Materials: Available in sizes ranging from 40 feet to 90 feet, in addition to custom designs. Because Stewart Filmscreen has a number of different front projection screen fabrics, you have several options when it comes to matching image size and projector light output. Models include:

  • FireHawk G3​
  • GrayHawk RS G3​
  • StudioTek 130 G3​
  • FireHawk SST​
  • UltraMatte 130
  • UltraMatte 150
  • SnoMatte 100
  • UltraMatte 200
  • GrayMatte 70

Flexible Rear Projection Systems: Just as with Stewart Filmscreen’s front projection screens, these are available in sizes ranging from 40 feet to 90 feet, in either fixed-frame or retractable models, including:

  • AeroView 70
  • AeroView 100
  • LumiFlex 130
  • FilmScreen 100
  • FilmScreen 150

Rigid Rear Projection Screen Materials: These acrylic and glass screen materials provide viewers with an image featuring enhanced contrast and brightness. Models include:

  • StarGlas 60
  • StarGlas 100
  • AeroPlex 70
  • AeroPlex 100
  • AeroGlas 70
  • AeroGlas 100​
  • LumiPlex 130
  • LumiGlas 130
  • TechPlex 100
  • TechPlex 150​
  • TechScreen 100
  • TechScreen 150
  • Graphite 70
  • Graphite 100

Stewart Filmscreen’s commercial client base is a who’s who of business, including world-renowned companies in the following industries:

  • Media: NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Sony, Paramount, Lucasfilm, Walt Disney, Universal and CNN
  • Government: The Pentagon and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Automotive: GM, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai, BMW and Kia
  • Sports: Charlotte Bobcats

Residential applications

For both indoor and outdoor installations, Stewart Filmscreen is able to bring stunning viewing and audio experiences to homes, providing you and your guests with theater-quality entertainment.

  • Director’s Choice: This screen comes with four masking panels – two vertical and two horizontal – that can be adjusted to conform to different aspect ratios
  • CineCurve: The slightly curved design of this 16:9 screen creates a better viewing experience for audiences, while two vertical masking panels allow homeowners to create the ideal viewing area
  • Cabaret: This front projection screen can adjust to any size space by rolling down down from an aluminum housing unit.

Convergence Technologies and Stewart Filmscreen provide all projection screen needs

All of these Stewart Filmscreen projection screen systems require the services of a certified installer, and if you plan to incorporate them into an automated home system, you’ll need the wisdom and experience of Convergence Technologies, the leading North Carolina home automation company.