Solid Benefits of Custom Home Automation

Consumers are often times confused as to what is going to work best for their home’s automation components. For many, a quick search online states to go with DIY methodologies. That’s not always a good thing, and it is shown to be true when looking at it through the lens of custom home automation solutions. When you compare customized options to the “DIY” elements that you can save money on, you’ll find that there’s a huge difference. Not only in quality, but also control in a lot of different parameters. It’s with that in mind that you should consider a few solid benefits of having a custom solution rather than the random options that are available through big box retailers.

Superior Wiring – Dependability

First and foremost, you’ll find that big box retailers are going to sell you kits that will not necessarily have any wiring or infrastructure that is integral to security. You’ll find most of them rely heavily on the Wi-Fi systems that you have installed in the home. If you rely solely on the wireless protocol you have set up, you will find that your range may not be as wide, the control aspects will not be as stable, and any number of factors including walls, doors, and windows could disrupt the signal.

Custom solutions hardwire the home with discreet systems to ensure that you have control at all times. That means 99.9% connectivity, and no major drops that will manifest with wireless protocols alone.

Only Get What You Need – No Filler

When you purchase a kit, you’re going got get a bunch of components, some of which you may not want or need. If you were to hire a professional, however, you would only get the components that you would use and need in the home. Customized home automation is about giving you control and nothing else. You will not have to deal with lots of peripherals or options that have nothing to do with what your goals are for your home’s systems. Get only the right elements, tools, and things you know you want, and nothing else. Manufacturers that are selling DIY kits aren’t thinking about this, they are just packaging things based on conjecture, with no intimate knowledge of your home or what you may want out of automated services.

Get Real Customer Service

Ever tried to call an 800 number for support? You’ll be on hold for 45 minutes to an hour and you may not even reach someone within your state, city, or country. If you don’t want to deal with correspondence that is going to be far and away distant, then you’ll once again see that home automation trumps all other options. When you have someone close by, you will find that a real person, in your area will walk you through any trouble spots and may even make a home visit. If something goes wrong, you have help standing by, where as a kit will only have a hot line that may or may not be ready to assist.

The aforementioned are just some of the benefits of going with a custom solution. You’ll find that there are other elements that manifest as a result. Test customized automation first, and see why so many prefer that to the random boxes that you can purchase in stores. Saving money and getting what you need don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and that’s where custom options really thrive.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your next residential, commercial or corporate automation project. Home control is easier than you think and incredibly beneficial to any household. Whether from easy to use color touch panels, remotes, or customized keypads, total control is always at your fingertips. An automation system from Convergence Technologies tech installers offers a lifestyle of comfort and convenience for businesses and their employees.

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