Smart TVs offer consumers a wealth of apps

If you’ve added a smart TV to your custom home theater installation, you’re probably wondering what you can do with your new device. With its ability to connect to the Internet and potentially act as a hub for your home automation system, there are countless possibilities. In fact, it’s become increasingly clear that smart TVs closely resemble our smartphones and tablets.

Recently, PC Magazine published a list of some of the best apps that smart TV owners can download. Many are already available on iOS, Android and Windows devices, but take on a whole new life when on a big screen.

Some have already become ubiquitous. After all, most smart TV owners have already heard of popular streaming services Netflix and Amazon Instant, whose apps allow viewers to instantly watch a number of movies and television shows. But they may not have realized that Spotify makes a music streaming app that allows users to listen to their favorite songs from their TV. Combined with a high-quality audio system, such an app could transform your home theater into a fully-fledged entertainment system.

Smart TV apps can also turn your device into another communication tool. For example, Skype, Microsoft’s video chat service, offers an app that allows video calls to be made directly from the TV.

Finally, why tune into the local weather station when you can just use the AccuWeather app to get the forecast any time you want?

Smart TVs are growing in popularity, as this blog has mentioned previously, and as more consumers adopt them, the number of available apps will grow. Meanwhile, those seeking advice in bringing this latest technology to their living rooms should consult with a North Carolina home automation company.