Smart Locks and Keyless Locks Are Opening Doors to the Smart Home

With home security as the most powerful driver in the adoption of smart home systems, it’s no wonder that the world of smart locks is growing.

First off, of course, is the question—what is a smart lock? A smart lock isn’t just a keyless door lock. In fact they all (well, most) accept keys (though you might eventually stop using your keys). 

Some smart locks include numeric keypads so you can unlock your door by punching in an access code. All smart locks operate with an app on Apple or Android smart phones or both. They communicate wirelessly with your phone, via Bluetooth or Wifi and/or with your smart home system via one of the common wireless mesh network standards like Z-Wave.

Smart Key 1

A smart phone replaces your traditional key, but the phone isn’t actually the key, it simply supplies the virtual key to the lock. Most smart locks allow you to create and assign multiple virtual keys, and often you can assign them temporarily.

The benefit of having multiple virtual keys is that you can easily track who is locking and unlocking the door as the app will show, for instance, “Kim unlocked the door at 8pm” and other scheduled commands. If you have a guest arriving, you can assign that person a virtual key or remotely open the door yourself. Some locks allow virtual keys to expire at a set time in case you want to limit a guest’s access to an hour or a weekend.

If you throw someone out of the house, you can change all the virtual keys, without changing the locks (though the physical keys will still work).

Smart Key 2


A smart lock that can be integrated with a whole home security system or smart home system is additionally convenient because  you can program rules or activities that include the lock. For instance, a “goodnight” scene that shuts off all the house lights and  arms the security system can also make sure the front door is secure.

We offer a wide variety of smart lock and keyless locks to help make your home more secure and safe. Contact us to set up a free consultation on upgrading your home security system and features.  With over  10 years experience, let Convergence Technologies take your home to the next level of home security and surveillance.

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