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We’re sure that you have probably thrown a house party before with lots of friends.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have music or audio playing in the background throughout your entire home?  Even different songs in different rooms?  Well, look no further!  We here at Convergence Technologies have just the service you need.

Whole house
music systems

We offer a whole-house music system that will let you enjoy your favorite music from any room (or multiple rooms) in your home.  To accomplish this, professional technicians from Convergence Technologies will personally come to your home and place speakers (from literally invisible units to traditional surface mount units) throughout your home and also install a central media management system that will allow you and your family to control what audio or music is being played, and in which rooms.

These whole house music systems allow you to stream Sirius or XM satellite radio, Internet radio, and AM/FM radio, as well as music from your iTunes library, or from one of Convergence Technologies dedicated media servers.  The central management system is easy to use and anyone in your family from children, to teenagers, to adults can easily select the music to play and which rooms it should play in from a simple interface.

We are sure that we can put together a package that will meet your needs and budget, so give us a call today to talk with a multi-room audio specialist about installing this convenient and wonderful feature into your home.

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Convergence offers a wide range of services, from home theater design and installation, complete home automation with technical support from the start to finish.

We install systems for every budget and lifestyle. From our pre-engineered packages for smaller projects and budgets to our custom designed systems that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We make technology affordable and easy for our clients. Our installation and design technicians are some of the best in the industry.

Whether you automate a little or a lot, turning your residence into a smart home offers many advantages to individuals and families that enjoy a technologically advanced home.

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Our systems are completely customized and expandable so that you can easily add components when you are ready to grow.

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We have years of experience providing the most effective home theater products and installation to our clients all over the world!

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We offer the best in security, camera surveillance, fire alarms, and access control.

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You can enjoy the benefit of energy savings and an improvement in comfort and security with lighting control systems installed by Convergence Technologies.

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A multi-room video system allows you access your video content simultaneously in every room of your home. It makes whole-home entertainment as easy as pushing a button.

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We offer a whole-house music system that will let you enjoy your favorite music from any room (or multiple rooms) in your home.

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Store and organize your music and movie collections for fast, easy access.

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With a data networking system installed by Convergence Technologies, you will be able to access your documents, games, office equipment and other materials from any room in your home.

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We offer project management, custom design and programming to help your project go smoothly from start to finish.

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