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At Convergence Technologies, we pool our expertise to offer you the best choices of devices on the market today. That’s why we’re on the Installers List for Electronic House Magazine. Our Home Theater Package contains all of the important components you need for the entertainment setup that you’ve always wanted.

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Convergence Technologies assists homeowners in creating an appealing and functional home theater that will become the most popular room in the house. Our customized packages can be designed to meet any room, budget or lifestyle. We install all equipment and components so that they will perform properly and give you the at-home movie experience you desire.

Our design experts help you choose carpeting, draperies, lighting, acoustic panels, furniture and accessories to make your home theater as authentic as a real movie cinema. We can even custom order a popcorn maker and movie posters. Whether your room is large or small, let Convergence Technologies transform it into a fun and comfortable place to watch TV, movies and games.

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Let us enhance your home and living experience with the best home theater system on the market! The home theater has come a long way in recent years. We enable you to have the full theater experience right in your own home.  We have years of experience providing the most effective home theater products and installation to our clients all over the world!

Theater Package

Some say size doesn’t matter. We respectfully disagree. At 100 inches, the Dragonfly™ Matte White Projection Screen offers the most accurate picture in rooms where you control the lighting. That’s because it does not have hot spots or shift colors, and can reflect the same amount of light that a projector produces while distributing it evenly. Thanks to its aluminum frame and matte white screen material, this screen is easy to assemble and durable.

The DLA-RS48 is an all-new, affordable model of a 4K D-ILA projector. Thanks to its e-shift2 technology and color management system, this device offers excellent picture quality and 3D performance. The projector also includes six picture modes, three color spaces and the ability to correct for darkness and light.

A home theater system is only as good as the media it plays, so it is crucial for yours to be able to support the highest quality audio and video playback. The Pioneer Elite® BDP-53FD Blu-Ray Disc® Playersupports a number of the latest formats, including DTS®-HD Master Audio, Dolby® TrueHD, and Super Audio CD®. And if you love older movies, never fear—this player can upconvert standard definition videos into higher resolution displays.

Maybe you want the latest action movie to keep you on the edge of your seat. Maybe you want to feel like your favorite band is playing in your living room. Whatever you want to hear, the RF-52 II speakers can provide. Consisting of five speakers and one subwoofer, this system provides unmatched surround sound that will make you forget that it’s only a recording.

Some receivers have advanced features, while other focus on pure performance. The Integra 40.5 and 50.5 give you both. They integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allow you to stream video and audio from almost any mobile device. And of course, both offer seven channels and eight HDMI inputs and two outputs. The 50.5 also adds 11 pairs of speaker connections. Worried about sound bleeding? No problem. Integra uses the Digital Processing Crossover Network (DPCN) to eliminate the crossover overlap between high and low frequency signals.

You’ll never want to lose this remote control. Complete with a touch screen, four IR flashers and 433 MHz RF, the PC-Pro24r Kit has every feature you’ll need and plenty more that—let’s face it—you’ve always wanted. You can even use the ProPanel™ app to integrate the system with an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or PC, offering even greater flexibility when it comes to controlling your home theater system.

At Convergence Technologies, we pride ourselves in offering systems that offer quality and value. Not everyone wants to take out a second mortgage to transform their living room into a replica of Mann’s Chinese Theater, and now, you don’t have to. With our Home Theater Package, you’ll be able to have an attractive, high-performing system installed for $10,000.

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Convergence offers a wide range of services, from home theater design and installation, complete home automation with technical support from the start to finish.

We install systems for every budget and lifestyle. From our pre-engineered packages for smaller projects and budgets to our custom designed systems that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We make technology affordable and easy for our clients. Our installation and design technicians are some of the best in the industry.

Whether you automate a little or a lot, turning your residence into a smart home offers many advantages to individuals and families that enjoy a technologically advanced home.

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Our systems are completely customized and expandable so that you can easily add components when you are ready to grow.

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We have years of experience providing the most effective home theater products and installation to our clients all over the world!

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We offer the best in security, surveillance cameras, fire alarms, and access control.

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You can enjoy the benefit of energy savings and an improvement in comfort and security with lighting control systems installed by Convergence Technologies.

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A multi-room video system allows you access your video content simultaneously in every room of your home. It makes whole-home entertainment as easy as pushing a button.

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We offer a whole-house music system that will let you enjoy your favorite music from any room (or multiple rooms) in your home.

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Store and organize your music and movie collections for fast, easy access.

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With a data networking system installed by Convergence Technologies, you will be able to access your documents, games, office equipment and other materials from any room in your home.

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We offer project management, custom design and programming to help your project go smoothly from start to finish.

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