x_0_0_0_14077646_350Film is supposed to be an immersive, transformative, even magical experience for viewers. For a handful of hours, you can escape your surroundings and enter new worlds, set in different times, locations and sometimes even alternate, otherworldly realities altogether.

Since the 1970s, Runco International has transported movie viewers across this threshold – from the real to the imagined – through its leading home theater technology. Runco brings the magic of cinema into your home, where films can be enjoyed without the interruption of fellow viewers.

Home theaters are sanctuaries for those who are lucky enough to have them, and Runco truly wants its customers to spend as much time as possible swallowed by sound and immersed in images in their theater. Each home theater created using Runco products incorporates the newest technologies to create customized, stunning viewing environments.

Runco envisioned the future of the home theater experience decades ago, before home automation entered the mainstream, and it’s for that reason that the company has always been on the cutting edge of technological innovation. The level of craftsmanship applied by Runco installers is without comparison, as its award-winning technologies prove.

At Convergence Technologies, we are proud to partner with a home theater company as accomplished as Runco International. We are the leading North Carolina home automation company, and we seek out partners that devote the same level of attention to their services as we do. Given our prestigious history and distinguished track record, Runco constantly exceeds those benchmarks.

Three decades of leadership in the home theater industry

Beginning with the Cinemabeam – an early video projector – in the 1970s, Runco International has been developing large video screen projection technologies for more than 30 years. Even when home theater technologies didn’t yet exist, Runco had the foresight to develop products that its customers didn’t even know they needed. Throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, Runco developments included:

The Fresnel Lens: Projected a 15-inch image onto a wall
Runco International HT: The successor to the Cinemabeam‚Äč
CinemaPro 600 Video Projector: Simplifies user experience and the installation process
ARC-IV System: The world’s first aspect ratio controller
LJR II Laser Disc Player: The first of its kind to receive THX certification
DLP Technology: Runco products came equipped with this technology as part of a partnership with Texas Instruments
Runco’s evolution to the leading home theater products company

Since building itself up as a company that constantly moves the needle of innovation in the home theater industry, Runco International has expanded into the mid-range market, offering consumers the same high-quality, luxury products for which it has always been known.

Today, Runco International offers the “world’s finest home theater products,” including:

DLP Projectors

3Dimension Series
Lightstyle Portfolio
VideoXtreme Portfolio
Signature Cinema Portfolio
Digital Camera Concierge
Xtreme Projection
3D Projectors

3Dimension Series
Xtreme Projection
Lightstyle Portfolio
Signature Cinema Portfolio
LED Projectors

3Dimension Series
QuantumColor Series
LCD Displays

Crystal Portfolio
Climate Portfolio
Ultra-Thin Displays

Vistage Displays
Video Processors

DHD Digital Controller
Dimension Digital Controller
This full range of technology, coupled with Runco’s leading customer support structure, is why the company has been identified by Convergence Technologies as one of our top home theater products providers. We understand Runco products, and it’s this knowledge and our experience that has made us the go-to resource for North Carolina home automation services.