New Product Announcement: 2×2 HDMI (HD) Video Wall Controller Powered by SmartAVI

Stretcher Pro
Stretcher Pro-HD Video Wall Controller from Smart AVI

New Product Announcement: 2×2 HDMI (HD) Video Wall Controller Powered by SmartAVI


 The SmartAVI 2×2 HDMI (HD) Video Wall Controller is the perfect addition for any bar, restaurant, hotel, casino, and any other business in the service and hospitality industry.

To display the latest Blu-ray DVDs, watch live televised events in HD, and show personalized video content, the new StretcherPro-HD video wall controller delivers incredible picture quality over four screens. This user-friendly device delivers a top-quality video wall solution at an incredible price.

The StretcherPro-HD is easy to implement, and requires no need for computers, software or any prior experience with video walls. With four supported screen configurations, users can select the ideal display mode for their needs. Display options include Wall Mode (2×2), Dual Horizontal (2×1 pair), Dual Vertical (1×2 pair) and Clone Mode (four screens each displaying the entire image).


  • Supports Four Screens, with Multiple Layouts
  • One HDMI Input and Four HDMI Outputs
  • Supports Resolutions up to 1920×1080
  • Plug-and-Play Ready
  • Multiple Units can be Linked Together for Larger Configurations
  • Easy Switching via Front Panel
  • Supports IR and RS-232
  • HDCP Compliant


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