New Home Wiring

Most people think about the standard wiring of the past, some coax wire to the TV locations, and some CAT5 for phones and network. That is a truly outdated way of looking at the wire that goes into your home. 

There are so many possibilities to consider.

Here are just a few:

  • Do you enjoy music? Would you like to listen to music all throughout your home? Are there more than yourself living at home, and if yes would you enjoy listening to different things in each room? Would you like to have all of your TV’s share the same source, so you can “take” what you’re watching with you to another room?
  • Do you have computers? Would you require wireless access? Are there important locations you need a secure wired connection to the network?
  • Would you like to see who is at the front or back door on the kitchen TV (or any other TV) when the doorbell rings? Have you ever considered the ability to turn off all the houses lights from one button when you leave? Or the security that comes with the ability to turn on any light in the house from the bedside control?
  • Would you like to control all of your homes systems (lighting, HVAC, security, audio/video, cameras) from one intuitive touchscreen interface?

If any of these questions seem intriguing to you, it is time to start doing your homework. These are all very important points to consider as early as possible during the building process. Speak to your builder before any insulation is installed to ensure you have wires in place for today and tomorrow. Remember that running wires after the house is complete is not the best scenario and will be quite a bit more expensive. If your builder doesn’t have a relationship with an integrator, you may need to seek one out. 

A well established integrator will know how to help you define your needs quickly and determine the best way to wire for your lifestyle. They will also be able to define their needs from the other trades, and interface with them for you, so you can take more time to pick out all of your lighting fixtures. There is a lot to decide when building a new home. Choosing an integrator like Convergence Technologies will streamline the process and make the living experience a truly enjoyable one when you finally move in.

We will set up your new home with the proper wiring to ensure that your home systems run efficiently, and would love the opportunity to assist you with wiring your new home.  

We provide home theater and system installation services to clients all over the world.

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