The new Crestron iPanel Table Dock for iPad Air

Now shipping, the new Crestron iPanel Table Dock for iPad Air (IDOC-PAD-LCA-DSC) hits the sweet spot between form and function. It instantly transforms the iPad Air into a stylish stationary touch screen for the home, business, boardroom, or classroom while charging it at the same time.

Unique topple-proof design
Other low-profile docks are only suitable for charging your iPad Air. They have small bases and aren’t sturdy enough to use the iPad Air as a touch screen while docked. Conversely, the sturdier docks come with speakers or keyboards − but then they aren’t low-profile anymore. The Crestron iPanel changes all that.

Available in smooth white or black finishes, the Crestron iPanel is both elegant and sturdy. It won’t topple over every time you touch it to start or end a presentation. As a bonus, the new design offers the unique ability to “swap” charging cables, if necessary. If the connector is broken or if there’s any issue with the charging cable, it’s a simple field replacement.

Easy in, easy out
The iPad Air slides easily into the Crestron iPanel and can be removed just as easily to resume portable use at any time.

Crestron Control®, when you want it
Control is enabled on the iPad Air with the Crestron App. It delivers Crestron touch screen functionality through a very stylish and highly-customizable graphical interface. Better yet, the iPad Air retains use of its microphone, speaker, cameras, and buttons while docked in the Crestron iPanel.

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