Multi-Room Video System Installation

Imagine being able to access your DVR and favorite TV shows in every room of your house. A multi-room video system allows you access your video content simultaneously in every room of your home. It makes whole-home entertainment as easy as pushing a button.

This technology eliminates the need to buy Blu-Ray players and other video equipment for each individual room in your home. In fact, the only components needed in each area are speakers and a TV. With multi-room video systems, homeowners are able to easily control the entire system through handheld remotes, wall mounted touchscreen, or keypad. Using these controls, they can pause a DVD in one room and then finish it in another without having to move the disc or fast forward to the where they left off.

Multi-room video systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of your family. With very little cabling, we are able to install systems that are virtually undetectable. Advances in wireless technology have made installation easier and less obtrusive. With so many accessories and upgrades available, homeowners are able to customize a video system that allows each family member to fully enjoy TV watching at home.

Families appreciate multi-room video technology because each person can watch what they want when they want. Just imagine, no more arguing over what movie to watch on a Friday night or pausing a movie only to have your spouse come in and take over the DVD player. This system will surpass your expectations for home entertainment.

Convergence Technologies of Graham, NC is the leader in home entertainment systems. Our expert technicians install video and audio systems guaranteed to meet the demands of your family. Contact us today for more information.

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