Movie studios consider streaming movies during theater runs

Recently, owners of home theater systems who prefer to enjoy movies from the comfort of their living room received some good news out of Asia that could one day redefine how all movies are released.

Entertainment giants Disney and Sony have both introduced an on-demand service in South Korea that allows users to rent movies that are still playing in theaters. According to a recent article in The Verge, the move is being portrayed as a strategy to combat piracy, since those who do not want to go to the cinema now have a way to watch new movies legally.

So far, movies like Django Unchained, Wreck-it Ralph and Brave have all been made available to South Korean viewers under the new program.

This is the first time that any U.S. studio has allowed viewers anywhere in the world to see movies before they have left theaters, though the news source added that some have tried experimenting with a shorter theater run. For example, in 2010 Disney tried shortening the release window of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland from 17 weeks to 12, in order to start selling DVDs sooner. Now that on-demand streaming services like Netflix are digging into DVD sales, studios must adapt.

It is unclear whether Disney or Sony will eventually introduce this policy in the U.S. But if they do, owners of home theater systems will be in a great position to take advantage of it. With the right technology and help from a North Carolina home automation company, movie lovers may one day be able to watch the latest releases on a high-quality screen at home, without delay.