Located in North Carolina, we provide lighting control systems to help clients reduce energy costs in their homes. With soaring energy costs, a controllable lighting system is a smarter investment than ever. Lighting control is one of the fastest growing areas of home automation. This technology has revolutionized the way we manage light in our homes. It has the added benefit of energy savings and an improvement in comfort and security. With the touch of a button, you can set the mood for a romantic dinner or illuminate the interior and exterior of the house for a party.

Lights left on all over the house and you need to run out? With one quick push of the “Goodbye” scene all the lights will turn off, with certain areas programmed to stay on depending on the time of day. If you are on your way back into the house from running and errand, simply push the “Welcome” scene and everything goes right to where you desire. Having a party? Press the “Party” scene and the lighting automatically adjusts. Multiple scenes can be programmed and catered to your specific requirements. Lights can also be programmed to illuminate pathways out of the house in case of emergencies, such as fires. Occupancy and photocells can be incorporated so that your artificial lighting is only used when needed depending upon the amount of natural light present in a room.

Some advantages of a lighting control system include:


One of the best features of these systems is the ability of homeowners to save money on their energy costs over time. According to the American Lighting Association, lighting accounts for 12-15% of our total household utility bill. Much of that energy we pay for is wasted in inefficient use, including leaving lights on all day while you are away. With the steady increase of energy costs, consumers are looking for innovative ways to save money and reduce waste.

A controlled lighting system allows you to program your lights so that they automatically turn off at certain times of the day. You can set it so that all of your lights turn off at a certain time each day so that electricity is not wasted while you and your family are at school or work. Dimmers can also be installed so that when you use your lights, you are able to use less energy to make them work.


Imagine never having to park and walk into a dark house. With home automation, you can program your lights to turn on at a certain time or install motion sensors to illuminate when you pull into the driveway. If someone should enter your property, exterior lights will turn on to deter the trespasser. Motion sensors that automatically turn on lights when someone enters the room are also available.

Homeowners can program their interior and exterior lights to turn on at various times throughout the day and night while they are away. This makes it appear to outsiders that you are home. A dark house is an invitation for thieves and trespassers.

Comfortable Lifestyle

Have you ever gone upstairs to bed only to realize that you left the kitchen light on? With a whole house lighting system, you are able to push a button at your location and control all of the lights in your home. Some systems include motion detectors that automatically turn off lights when movement has not been detected for a period of time.

Light control systems allow individuals to determine how their lights are to behave based on motion, security, time of day, mood, occasion, and many other factors. Homeowners can pre-design specific programs for when they have a party or go out of town. No matter what the occasion, lighting control systems are highly programmable and can provide appropriate lighting for any situation.

Convergence Technologies designs interior and exterior lighting systems that are customized for the consumer. We work within your budget to design and install systems that will benefit you most. Contact us to find out more about our lighting control systems.