Lighting Control Systems for the Home

With energy costs on the rise, now is the time to invest in a controllable light system for the home.  With a quick push of a button, all of the lights in the house can be turned off while you are away and turned on when you arrive home.  Lighting control systems allow homeowners to lower their energy costs and improve safety, as well as make your everyday life more convenient.

One of the most popular features of home automation, lighting control systems allow homeowners to program the lights in their home to dim, turn on, and turn off with the use of a remote.  Motion sensors that automatically turn on lights when someone enters the room are also available.

It is so easy to forget to turn off lights before you leave a room but with a lighting control system, you can program them to automatically turn off when no motion is detected for a specific period of time.  Turning off unneeded lights can save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills annually.  With the touch of a button you can easily turn on or off any light in the house.

These systems are a great addition to your security system because homeowners can program lights to turn on and off while they are away, making it appear to outsiders that someone is home.  Exterior lights can also be programmed to turn on when you arrive home so that you are not approaching a darkened walkway.  Motion detectors can be used to startle criminals or other individuals who enter your yard uninvited.

Light control systems allow individuals to determine how their lights are to behave based on motion, security, time of day, mood, occasion, and many other factors.  Homeowners can pre-design specific programs for when they have a party or go out of town.  No matter what the occasion, lighting control systems are highly programmable and can provide appropriate lighting for any situation.

There are endless possibilities with controllable lighting.  No matter what your home lighting needs may be, the experienced team of lighting technicians at Convergence Technologies are here to help.  Call us at (919) 568-8095 or fill out our on-line contact form for more information.

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