JBL Synthesis

convergence_015To the un-tuned ear of many film-goers, specific sound elements – frequencies, treble and bass levels – may not hold much meaning. But, they will know when sound components just aren’t quite right. Viewers want to be immersed in the film experience, both through the images the see and the sounds they hear, and it’s important they remain in alignment.

As film technology has evolved over the last several decades, the advances that consumers are most likely to notice have been in the visual realm. From CGI to 3-D technology, the film industry has been able to provide viewers with stunning images, many of which aren’t even possible in reality.

But without equally impressive sound to accompany these images, the impact of the viewing experience in a massive auditorium or a home theater, are dramatically impacted. Imagine a blinding explosion in a film that doesn’t rattle your seat and make you feel as though you’re sitting feet away from an actual inferno. Film is supposed to grab hold of your attention and your emotions, and not let go – that’s not possible without high-definition sound.

For the last 70 years, JBL Synthesis has “helped motion pictures speak,” from the moment the company introduced its first loudspeaker to the unveiling of its Synthesis Ultra system – the most powerful home theater system available. JBL uses the latest in sound technology to contribute to home theater viewing experiences that are simply unmatched.

The level of attention JBL Synthesis applies when creating its products needs to be equaled by those professionals who install them in home theaters. As the leading North Carolina home automation company, Convergence Technologies understands this, which is why we employ experienced technicians for each of our client projects.

We are proud to consistently meet the high standards required by JBL Synthesis and we will continue to learn about the company’s new technologies.

JBL Synthesis hits all the right notes with its leading sound products

If you were to pull back the curtain of the performances by some of the world’s most talented recording artists and musicians, you’d see that JBL Synthesis loudspeakers are the reason that notes and beats translate so crisply to audiences. And if JBL products meet the standards of some of the finest musicians the world has to offer, then consumers with home theaters should trust that the JBL technologies they install will have an equally impressive effect on viewers.

Here is the full complement of the home audio technologies JBL Synthesis provides to its customers:

  • In-Room Systems
  • Built-In Systems
  • In-Wall Systems
  • Surround Sound Preamplifiers
  • Amplifiers
  • Equalizers
  • Floorstanding Speakers
  • LCR Speakers
  • Bookshelf Speakers
  • Center Channel Speakers
  • Surround Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • In-Wall Speakers
  • Lumagen Video Processors.

While JBL Synthesis solutions are backed by the company’s commitment to the highest quality audio products, there will always be a need for customers to reach out for assistance with their equipment. That’s why JBL Synthesis also provides design and calibration services through its wide network of experienced dealers and distributors, each of which is required to meet JBL’s rigorous certification standards.

Convergence Technologies’ commitment to home audio excellence

Our reputation as the top North Carolina home automation company has been built upon years of providing our customers with an excellent service experience. We will make sure that you select the right JBL Synthesis audio product for your home theater needs, and we’ll work to make the costs of installation affordable. That’s the promise Convergence Technologies has made to its customers, and it’s one we intend to keep.