How to Integrate your iPad or iPhone with Crestron Home Automation Equipment

Home Automation is on of the most luxurious upgrades that can be added to any pre-existing home or any home currently under construction.  The ability to control all of your homes systems (such as the HVAC, audio, video, lighting, and security systems) all from one central control interface truly is a technological revelation. Many consumers today already own some product produced by Apple®.  One of the best features of a Crestron home automation system is the user’s ability to integrate their iPad™, iPhone® or Mac directly into the system.

With Crestron home automation systems, you get the added convenience of being able to control your entire home and all its systems via your Apple® produced devices.  Crestron integration with Apple® is the perfect marriage of content and technology to create the perfect home entertainment system. Control audio, video, lights, shades and thermostats directly from your iPad™, iPhone® or Mac. Users can simply connect their iPod to the home network for a seamless, elegant solution to manage their iTunes® library and enjoy music and more throughout the home.

Most of the magic happens through Crestron’s mobile application for iPad™ or iPhone® which turns the device into a virtual and mobile Crestron touch panel.  The best part of these apps is their ability to allow users to control their home’s systems anywhere they have a WiFi or 3G connection.  Imagine leaving for vacation and then realizing that you left the bathroom lights on and the air conditioning running.  Well, with these mobile apps from Crestron, you can simply grab your Apple® device and correct and hurried mistakes you made while leaving home!

Integrating your Apple® devices with a Crestron home automation system is seamless and easy and will make your life even more streamlined and convenient!  Contact Convergence Technologies today to find out more about installing a Crestron home automation system that can be controlled via most Apple® devices!