How to Improve Energy Efficiency With Home Automation

“Green”, “energy efficiency”, and “sustainability” are popular terms these days. It seems that people everywhere are doing what they can to reduce their energy expenditures and lessen their impact on the environment. Home automation allows homeowners to become better stewards of the earth by controlling the major systems in their homes so that there is less energy waste.

Home automation allows you to transform your ordinary home into a smart home. Advances in technology give homeowners remote access and automatic control over various devices, systems, and appliances in their home. With the push of a button, you can control your lights, HVAC system, security system, appliances, audio/video system, and more. Home automation gives you the power to control how much energy you are spending while you are home and away.

Making small changes in your energy consumption will not only impact your wallet, but our environment as well. By conserving our energy resources, we reduce greenhouse gases, which can impact the quality of air and overall environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans saved more than $19 billion and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions through their use of energy-saving measures and energy-efficient homes in 2008. This statistic proves that changes we make in energy consumption can positively impact our world.

A home automation system allows you to schedule your home systems and appliances to turn on and off throughout the day when they are not being used. You arrange to have your lights turn off automatically at a certain time when you know the house will be empty and then have them turn on again when it is time for your family to return. You can also manage your heating and cooling system so that it runs on full strength only when the family is at home. Scheduling your appliances and home systems so that they turn on and off throughout the day is a smart way to cut back on wasted energy.

Remote access is another feature that gives homeowners control over their home. With the push of a button, you can adjust the temperature of your home, turn on lights, or engage your security system. Sensors can be installed so that when someone walks in the house or in a certain room, specified appliances are engaged. Just like the automatic scheduling feature, remote access and sensors allow you reduce energy waste and save money on your utilities.

Heating and cooling your home accounts for over half of the average household energy consumption. Automated thermostats and sensors allow you to reduce your energy expenditures associated with maintaining a proper indoor temperature. Automated control over an HVAC system is one of the most beneficial money-savers available to homeowners. Not only will you notice the difference in your energy bills, but you will be doing something good for the environment as well.

If home automation sounds like something that will benefit you, talk with an installation expert in your area. Whether you start with a small control system or go for total home automation, you will appreciate the many benefits associated with this product.

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