Located in NC, let us enhance your home and living experience with the best home theater system on the market! The home theater has come a long way in recent years. We enable you to have the full theater experience right in your own home.  We have years of experience providing the most effective home theater products and installation to our clients all over the world!

Bring the Movies Home!

Many people love to go to the movies but hate having to pay for expensive tickets and overpriced snacks. Watching the game on a big screen at the local restaurant or bar is great, but having to deal with noisy people or put up with others blocking your view can be a hassle. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to watch your favorite programs on a widescreen TV in the comfort of your own home? With a home theater system, you can enjoy the cinema experience in a quieter, more convenient location.

Convergence Technologies assists homeowners in creating an appealing and functional home theater that will become the most popular room in the house. Our customized packages can be designed to meet any room, budget or lifestyle. We install all equipment and components so that they will perform properly and give you the at-home movie experience you desire.

Our design experts help you choose carpeting, draperies, lighting, acoustic panels, furniture and accessories to make your home theater as authentic as a real movie cinema. We can even custom order a popcorn maker and movie posters. Whether your room is large or small, let Convergence Technologies transform it into a fun and comfortable place to watch TV, movies and games.

Advances in technology have made home theaters more affordable than ever. No matter what your budget, Convergence Technologies can design and install a home theater that will give you a genuine cinema experience at home. Contact us for more information about designing a home theater that will exceed your expectations while staying within your budget.