Going Green

Are you looking for information on going green with your home theater or home automation system?

One of our main priorities is providing energy efficient solutions to clients seeking home automation and home theater products.  Intelligent Energy Management in Residential Spaces Modern homes are built with combinations of complex systems, including security, distributed audio/video, HVAC, lighting, motorized window treatments and more.

Crestron connects all these systems on a single, flexible control backbone,simplifying the user experience and intelligently conserving energy in the process. In an integrated system, arming the security system upon leaving the house, for example, can simultaneously switch off light fixtures and AV equipment while adjusting thermostats. Where factors are reasonably predictable, Crestron systems can be programmed to automate functions, such as thermostat setback and lighting scenes. The scalability of Crestron systems allow comprehensive energy savings to be realized in applications ranging from a single home to multiple dwelling units (MDUs).

iLux is the Ultimate Green Product

iLux, a CRESTRON GREEN LIGHT product, is designed to operate as a stand-alone lighting and shade control system or as part of a complete automation solution. It provides the immediate benefits of dimming along with an integral occupancy sensor. Lights turn off after an adjustable time delay once the room is unoccupied, providing significant energy savings and lamp life extension.

Since iLux is part of an integrated control solution, the system can also communicate an unoccupied status to the HVAC system, to put the space into an energy saving setback mode. Shades can be tied into the system and programmed according to season, time or actual ambient light levels. Blocking direct sunlight minimizes glare and reduces air conditioning costs, while using direct sunlight enhances heating system efficiency. Interfaces to shade motors provide true feedback to touch panels, indicating shade position in a bar graph or percentage gauge.

Shades can be manually controlled via a graphical slider on the touch panel or programmed to adjust to the sun’s position. Crestron thermostats connect directly into standard residential HVAC systems using industry standard wiring, and back to a Crestron control system processor for integrated control. The control system automatically adjusts temperature settings, enabling energy savings when residents are away or asleep.

Additionally, Crestron provides IP-based access, delivering solutions that achieve touch panel functionality from any connected PC. This gives end users the ability to monitor and control the system remotely via a consistent control system interface.

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