For media installations, don’t forget the audio

When it comes to advancements in the AV industry, it’s sometimes easy to remember that there are, in fact, two letters in “AV.” In many cases today, commercial media installations and home theater systems focus far too much on getting the highest quality video display on as large a screen as possible while putting only minor thought into how the audio aspect will match up. It’s easy to see why. When encountering an AV installation, the first and most prominent aspect that’s noticed is the video. But that shouldn’t always be the case.

Sean Murphy of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) looked into this concept in an article for Dealerscope. According to the Murphy, there is a new generation of audio technology that has taken some of that focus off of the conventional emphasis that’s placed on the visual aspects of media. The piece then cites a recent study from the CEA that shows that there is a healthy demand for audio equipment and innovations.

“There’s ample cause to feel confident about the current and future state of audio,” Murphy said. “Whether it’s to embellish the home viewing experience, upgrade old components or embrace emerging technologies (such as wireless home speakers), consumers are increasingly putting audio back in their sights. Consumers are reporting high levels of satisfaction with their new audio equipment. Innovation ensures that consumers embrace stimulating new technology.”

Any type of commercial media installation or home theater setup requires a great deal of resources on both fronts – audio and video. However, it’s important to make sure that neither aspect is neglected. The best way for local clients looking to add such an installation – whether for private or public use – is to work with a North Carolina home automation company that can help find a solution that fits your needs.