Fibaro Smart Home Sensor Announces Motion and Temperature with Color

Smart Home Sensor
Smart Home Sensor

The Fibaro Smart Home Sensor is small and portable, making it easy to install almost anywhere and is taking home security to a whole new level!

The Fibaro Smart Home Motion Sensor looks like a weird eyeball, but that shape just makes it compact enough to squeeze into small spaces. It’s also portable, so it can be moved around, if you want to try it out in different spots.

Like most motion detectors, this one can alert you to when someone is lurking about. However, it can also report on things such as temperature and light levels, as well as if someone is actually moving the sensor.

Another nifty feature is how this Smart Home Motion Sensor can “announce” temperature via an LED “pupil,” which can emit preset colors. Having that feature and the light monitoring means that this unit can also keep tabs on comfort and maybe even save you a few bucks. For instance, users can set up Fibaro to turn off lights once the kids fall sleep or adjust lights based on natural illumination levels.

The Fibaro Smart Home Motion Sensor works in conjunction with the company’s home automation system. It’s not designed to be a stand-alone product. That way, users can monitor who is in the home, get alerts, and even turn off electronic devices.

“If there’s no motion in a room and the system detects that an iron has been left on, Fibaro can switch it off and prevent a house fire. With the new Motion Sensor, you could even configure Fibaro so that you’d never have to turn devices off by hand again,” says Maciej Fiedler, director of development at Fibar Group. “The sensor is so sensitive, it has excellent ability to detect even the slightest motion. Nothing escapes its attention.”

The Fibaro Smart Home Motion Sensor is battery-operated and works via wireless Z-Wave technology. It’s currently selling in several countries, with availability in the U.S. coming very soon.


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