Experience a Whole House Music System

A whole house music or audio system allows you to enjoy your favorite music or ballgame from any room in the house.  Whether you are entertaining or relaxing at home, you can now have beautiful music playing throughout your home and even outdoors. Whole house audio systems bring home entertainment to a new level.

A home audio system will allow you to centralize all of your audio sources into one location.  You can listen to your MP3s, iPod, TV, CDs, radio, XM Satellite radio or any other audio source in any room of the house, including your outdoor living space.  Speakers are installed in each room and are available in a large selection of sizes and styles.  There are even speakers that are virtually invisible as well as those that can be camouflaged.

Music throughout the house can help set the mood for a gathering or party.  It can create a relaxing atmosphere to cook, nap, or visit with friends.  You will be able to listen to your favorite music or ballgame as you move from room to room in your house without missing a thing.  Speakers on your deck or patio allow you to listen to the radio while outside as well.

These systems are very simple to program and to use.  With the push of the button you are easily able to control your audio system from anywhere in the home.  Changing channels, increasing volume, ad turning the system on and off could not be easier.  There is no need to fiddle with equipment each time you would like to hear music.  In fact, all of your equipment can be hidden away so that it inaccessible to others.

The professionals at Convergence Technologies in Graham, NC are ready to discuss your whole house audio system options with you today.  Call us at (919) 568-8095 or fill out our on-line form for more information.

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