Located in North Carolina, we provide home networking systems for clients all over the entire world. A home network gives you the ability to share files, music, photos, and printers without having to leave the computer you are working on.  We have years of experience in home automation and home entertainment system installation specializing in data networking for our clients. With a data networking system installed by Convergence Technologies, you will be able to access your documents, games, office equipment and other materials from any room in your home.

Streamline Your Workflow

Started working on a document on your desktop computer in the study but need to pick up where your left off on your laptop in the great room?  No problem.  With our data networking system, you can do just that.  Save documents on any computer and instantly pull it back up on any other computer in your home.  Not only that, you can access your printers and other office equipment that are on your network and print from any computer in any room.  This eliminates the need for multiple printers and streamlines all of your printing needs into a single cost efficient printer.  Wired or wireless, we can provide a system that gives you the security and flexibility you need. We can also help you control who’s accessing the Internet and filter Internet content, enabling you to protect your children and family against malicious content.