Custom Home Theaters

Who doesn’t love a good movie?  Not many people can say that they don’t enjoy a good film.  However, many of us have such busy schedules and so many other commitments that we may find ourselves unable to make a special trip to the theatre to see the latest movies.  Not only that, but the the cost of movie tickets and the refreshments the theaters offer seem to be rising all of the time.  What is the solution that will bring the excitement and fun of the theatre into the comfort of your own home: a custom home theatre installed by top notch professionals.

Imagine it now: sitting back in a comfortable arm chair, dimming the lights, grabbing a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and enjoying your favorite film or television show, and all in your very own home.  These are just a few of the perks of bringing the cinema experience to your home.  The possibilities truly endless and with the level of customization available today, almost any budget, any room, and any home can accommodate a home cinema.

When considering a home theatre, it is best to locate a local and professional home cinema installation service to help guide you through the process.  However,  there are several items that you should take into account and discuss with the company you select to complete the installation; they are:

  • The room – size, current lighting, acoustic quality, flooring, etc.
  • The video projection device and screen: how large of a screen can your room accommodate, where must the projector be mounted or place, etc.
  • Audio – an AV receiver, surround sound, etc.
  • Source components: DVD player, blu-ray player, satellite receiver, etc.
  • Surge protectors – used to prevent the damage of your components in the event of a power surge.
  • Universal Remote – a control panel or remote control that can easily be used to operate the screen if needed, the DVD/Blu-ray player, surround sound, etc.
  • Furniture – you will of course want comfortable furniture for your home cinema.  Some custom and comfortable theatre/armchair style seating is available from many professional installation companies.

So as you can see, there are many aspects and components that go into bringing your custom home theatre to life.   Making each of these aspects is of the proper quality and is formatted in a way that will ensure the greatest cohesion upon implementation, is of the utmost importance.

One of the easiest ways to make sure nothing goes awry and that your new custom home theatre works properly from start to finish is to hire a professional installation company as mentioned before.  They can coordinate and work with retailers to build you a system that is dynamic yet easy to use and operate.

All in all, if you enjoy movies on the big screen, the bring the big screen into your home today by contacting your local home theatre specialist about providing you with the at-home cinema experience you desire. Let Convergence Technologies in Graham assist you with a custom home theater for your home. Contact us to find out more.