Crestron introduces brand new family of handheld remotes.

Crestron-HR-150Crestron showed off a new family of remote controls at the CEDIA Expo last week. The top-of-the-line model is the TSR-302, a tablet-style design with a 2.8-inch color touchscreen and voice recognition. The step-down HR-150 (shown here) is a traditional handheld remote that combines a smaller touchscreen with 50 hard buttons.

From Crestron
Crestron introduced its brand new family of handheld remotes at CEDIA EXPO 2014. Slim and beautiful with a luxurious feel, the new Crestron remotes combine elegant design with intuitive navigation to elevate the comfort, convenience, and style of handheld control.

The family includes the TSR-302 touchscreen remote, the HR-150 50-button remote, and the HR-100 34-button remote. Each model is thoughtfully engineered for use in different types of rooms. Functional navigation is consistent across the family of remotes, so homeowners never miss a beat as they move from room to room. All three new remotes offer a refined look and feel with a silky-matte finish, perfectly balanced weight, and backlit buttons.

Long-range RF communications via wireless technology provides Instant-Waking and ensures constant connectivity and reliable performance from anywhere. Longer battery life means fewer interruptions, but when batteries do run low, homeowners can easily replace them without calling an installer.

The ergonomic button layout with easy-find, soft-touch keys makes both TV viewing and home control more intuitive and enjoyable. Common buttons are intelligently designed for effortless, intuitive use. Shape, size, and spacing make it easy to locate buttons without even looking. Gently gliding a thumb across the buttons gets you right where you want to be.

The head of the new Crestron handheld family is the TSR-302, which features a 2.8-inch touchscreen, built-in intercom, voice recognition, Wi-Fi connectivity for video streaming, and an elegant inductive-charging dock that ensures the remote is always powered-up.

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