Convergence Technologies Wins Silver At CEDIA Expo 2014

The CEDIA Expo 2014 has come and gone, and the winners list has come through with some great names in the industry. Among the winners was Convergence Technologies. It was at the Denver, Co expo that Convergence Technologies was given the silver award for Awesome Audio. As more and more companies participate in the ceremony and gathering of companies that are doing great work within the industry, more and more system design and innovations are showcased.


Crestron Integration Awards 2014

Crestron solutions and the Integration Awards 2014 were part of the bigger CEDIA Expo that was held in Denver, Co from September 10 through 13. The showcase of modern technologies and integrative system designs for the home has been met with great fanfare, and applause from both industry experts and consumers alike. The event honored the top demonstrations of audio, video, transportation, makeover, and other design technologies within the spectrum of automation, integration, and technology within the home.

The list of winners reads like a “Who’s Who” list of the top media companies in the world, and amidst them Convergence Technologies was heralded as part of the grouping. In the Awesome Audio category, a Silver Award was given for integrative services.

A Closer Look At The Awesome Audio – Silver Award

Crestron technology was used in the home of Geoff Beale. The audio distribution system integrated 9 zones of audio, surround sound processing, and wireless lighting control using the latest of Crestron’s technologies. To top off the audio design, a full 110” perforated screen with in-wall speakers, dedicated movie server and more was introduced as well. The heart of the system featured a Crestron 3-Series Control System, and several remotes that can be used throughout the home for that ultimate in control systems. The home boasts one of the best sound designs that not only illustrate modernity, but a passion for sound and video design.

Convergence Technologies Continues To Shine

Convergence Technologies is based out of North Carolina, and is bringing precision, innovation, and quality design for homeowners that are looking at getting the ultimate in entertainment. With this strong showing at the CEDIA Expo, the future looks bright for this company’s use of Crestron’s technologies and integration within any home venue.

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