Benefits of Automation in the Workplace

Having a new control system at the office will perhaps be one attribute you will favor in commercial automation because this system can help create a better workplace. Thanks to technological advances, many businesses are starting to take more control of details like the lights, temperature, audio/video. and energy system in order to make their business more effective and efficient. These systems also allow employees to control the features in a different location with the use of a few taps on smart devices like iPhone and Android. While an automated office may look too elaborate or complicated to some people, it can also be very beneficial to any business.

One of the greatest advantages of having corporate automation is that you can manage the system even if you are not there. You will be able to turn on or off the alarms with a simple press of a button. If you don’t feel like using the hands-on method, you have the option to set the times to control the lighting and temperatures. It will also allow you to monitor the entire facility using a single source and reduce the number of people maintaining the workplace.

Energy Saver
One key advantage of automating a workplace is its capacity to reduce the company’s energy consumption and save between 5 to 30 percent of energy costs because of the proper managing of HVAC, lighting systems, and other corporate audio/video systems. Since lighting and HVAC consumes a lot of energy in modern office buildings, it is almost always the first systems automated to allow monitoring in different zones in the building and instantly adjusting settings to maintain comfort while lowering costs.

Improved Security
Since crime is one factor that no one can predict in coming, it is only natural to consider the safety and security of employees of the workplace as well. By having commercial automation, you can still have peace of mind thanks to programs that lock the doors and turn off the lights at any area at any given time. If an employee wants to access the workplace after office hours, they will can use a key card to gain access and the system will turn the lights on in the area the employee is working at and nowhere else. And if a security breach happens, the system will notify the appropriate personnel.

Since may people today live their lives using smart devices and smart phones, it is only logical to take advantage of modernization and control of your office using these devices. Thanks to the many benefits automation can give your company, you can tailor settings to meet your exact needs, which can result in more effective and efficient employees. While having second thoughts about the matter is a normal reaction, think about what you can get in return because having a building wide control is not just a timesaver, but also a lifesaver as well.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your next commercial or corporate automation project. Whether from easy to use color touch panels, remotes, or customized keypads, total control is always at your fingertips. An automation system from Convergence Technologies offers a lifestyle of comfort and convenience for businesses and their employees.

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